Wayang means shadow in Javenese.

The ancient theater
on the island of Java
tells stories
came from far away India
already for thousands of years
shadows have been dancing all this time
for the pleasure of gods
for the forgiveness of demons
for the distraction of deads
who keep coming alive
on such nights.

The good ones come from the right side only
and the bad ones just from the left side arrive
though good mingles with evil
during long tropical rains
untill the first rays of early morning
this time good wins over the darkness of the night
and the theater can finish
Souls are reincarnated in the shadows
the Javanese drink sacred water
from the hands of honoured dalang
water from the river of volcano
for the long life and blessings
and the screen where shadows were dancing
divides the path in a rice field
by dawn's early light they take this road to go back home.